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What's The Purpose of a Box Spring?

A perfect top box spring is a base for bed comes in a wooden frame or springs or metal rods that provide support to mattress. The box spring is generally available in the perfect size as the mattress that sits on it. While the mattress gives support to the body, the box springs makes sure that the mattress itself is correctly supported. It also absorbs shock and reduced wear on the mattress. This help ensures that your mattress uphold a long comfort existence.

what is the purpose of a box spring

The Purposes of a Box Spring?

  • So What's The Purpose of a Box Spring:- The main purpose is to raise the sleeping pads height, making it more convenient to get in and to build a level and good structure for the mattress to lie on.
  • Box spring helps to decrease the motion that you might feel when tosses and turns on your bed. Though some people may prefer low height beds, exploring the mattresses directly on the floor may not be a good option without taking some crucial safety measures.
  • One of the Purposes of box spring in mattress is to hold up the back position while you are on the bed that helps to sleep more at ease.
  • It includes support and hold the body weight, therefore, extending the existence of the mattress for long.
  • The box spring also provides warm qualities and delivers a softer resting exterior compared to any other platforms.
  • Most of the mattress manufacturers' guarantee has some necessities that the mattress should be properly support, and for that they might indicate the base that is suitable. A box spring covers and supports most of these requirements.

what is the purpose of a box spring

Different Types of Box Springs:-

1. Coil Box –

These are box frames with wooden frames and coils that squarely spaced throughout the frame. They might not offer the best support especially for the new design mattresses but are typically the best for innerspring mattresses.

2. Semi Flex –

Made form a wooden frame with a metal grid that is over the slats, so, giving more support with a bit of bend. They are more appropriate for heavier mattresses like memory foam and latex.

3. Split Box Springs –

Split Box springs available in 2 halves that make it convenient to move in the house. It is also relevant in tight corners.

4. Zero Deflection –

They have wooden slats, and they are long-lasting than coil springs and well-suited for all modern mattresses.


Box springs play a very important role and used to provide a relaxed bed place for you to sleep.

It is positioned on top of a metal or a wooden bed frame that lie on the floor, with primary purposes of raising the height of the mattress making it easier to get in and out of bed, absorbing the shock and impact to reduce the wear to the mattress and create a flat and firm structure to the mattress.

This provides a comfortable place for you to lay down and have a good night's sleep that you desire. Select the right dimensions, quality and type of box spring for optimal performance. We hope that your doubt about what is the purpose of a box spring is cleared now.

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