What is Percale in Sheets?

August 04, 2021 5 min read

What is Percale in Sheet?

In 2023 All Bedsheets are essential bed linen that encases the mattress for well-arranged and comfortable bedding. Likewise, they help in protecting the mattress from spills, dirt, grime, and germs. There is an array of bed sheets available in the market in assorted styles & color. Besides, based on weaving, there are two types of bedsheets, namely sateen and percale. Now you must be wondering What is Percale in Sheets. Well, go through the following information to find out.

What is percale in sheets

Percale Sheets: A Touch of Airy Crispiness:-

Most people are not much familiar with the different weaving techniques through which bed sheets are made. Coming onto What is Percale in Sheets, " Percale in Sheet is a Kind of woven Technique, Normal Criss-Cross (One Over, One Under) and It has a Higher (200TC) Thread count."

"it is a kind of weave used for making bed linen such as bedsheets, pillow covers and many more. The majority of percale sheets comprises 100% premium cotton fabrics."

  • The Percale Sheets are Long Lasting from Quality wise.
  • These sheets are Soft, Durable and Extremely breathable, worth for money.

On the other hand, some have a combination of cotton with mixed fabrics such as rayon, silk, or synthetic. Generally, the percale sheets are cooler and breathable. These are most popular for tight weaves that give them a smooth yet crisp texture.

Percale Sheets VS Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Percale Sheets

Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Percale is a Pattern of Weaving that will use in any fabric. Percale sheets are Less Softer, Less Shiny or Less Flexible.
Egyptian Cotton Sheets are More Softer, More Breathble, Shinier & More Flexible.

On Percale Sheets Easier to dye with any Pattern or any Colors.

On Egyptian Cotton Sheets less Easier to dye with any Pattern or any Colors.

Because of the Tighter weave these Percale sheets are warmer.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets More Cooler then Percale Sheets.
This Best Thread Count For Percale Sheets is 180 with the Optimal range of 200 to 300 Thread Count. In Egyptian Cotton Sheets 200 to 300 thread count is good, But in Egyptian cotton the range goes up to 800 to 1000 Thread Count.

This Percale Sheets are Shrink by up to 1.5-2% after their very first washing. These Egyptian Cotton Sheets are less Shrink as compared to Percale Sheets after their very first washing.

The Beauty of Crisscross Pattern:-

The Percale is a fabric weave flaunting a crisscross pattern for a simple yet elegant look. Further, the yarns travel one-underneath-one-above to create a snug knitting structure that is long-lasting. Apart from it, percale sheets tend to become softer with every laundry session. Another good thing to consider about the percale sheets is the matte finish that makes them look appealing.

Material of Percale Sheets:-

After becoming familiar with percale in sheets, let us move forward to the same material of percale sheets. Commonly, the percale sheets are made using the ELS, also known as extra-long staple cotton fibers. Alternatively, some are also crafted with long-staple cotton fibers. In particular, the length of both the fibers makes them the right choice for the percale weaves. The long-staple and ELS cotton fibers are silkier as well as softer than the short-staple ones.

Thread Count of Percale Sheets:-

Thread count is the numeric value of horizontal and vertical yarns per square inch of the fabric.  Ideally, a high-quality percale sheet contains a thread count ranging from around 200 to 400. While purchasing one, make sure it has a thread count of at least 180 and not less than that. Otherwise, it can hamper the quality and longevity of the sheet.

Impressive Assortment of Percale Sheets:-

While figuring out in what is percale in sheets, one must assess the different varieties too. Below are the three types of percale sheets available in the market based on material sourcing and composition.

Long Staple or Extra-Long Staple Cotton Percale Sheet:-

Usually, the long-staple and ELS cotton fibers are extracted from premium-quality Pima or Egyptian cotton. As a result, the ELS or long-staple cotton sheets have a smooth yet luxurious finish. The ELS cotton percale sheet is a bit more expensive, whereas the long-staple cotton percale sheet is comparatively affordable.

Blended Cotton Percale Sheet:-

A blended cotton percale sheet comprises various materials such as polyester, silk, and bamboo-driven rayon. Typically, these fabrics are resistant to wrinkles and are available at pocket-friendly prices too.

Organic-Cotton Percale Sheet

An organic cotton percale sheet is crafted with a long staple or ELS cotton derived from the organic plantations. So there is no involvement of chemical pesticides or harmful fertilizers in the composition. However, these sheets are pricey than the non-organic ones in the market. Most importantly, such sheets have a GOTS or Global Organic Textile Standard label for authenticity assurance.

Striking Aspects of Percale Sheets:-

Aside from what is percale in sheets, one should also know about the features that it offers. The following are the good sides of percale sheets that will make you get one for your personal space.


Despite the tight-knitting texture of the percale weave, the sheets made from it are famous for their exceptional breathability. Usually, the percale sheets contain top-quality cotton that enhances breathability. Moreover, such sheets are heat-resistant and lightweight too.

Smooth to Touch:-

Natural and lengthy fibers are woven precisely to produce a smoother texture for percale sheets. Because of this, most hotels use percale sheets for their luxurious finish. Above all, these sheets have the benefits of superior-quality cotton along with tightly-knitted percale weaves.


Due to the constricted knitting, the percale sheets are robust and durable. Likewise, the fibers of long-staple cotton can withstand pilling and breakage with ease. Further, pilling refers to the patchy clumping of broken ends of the fiber. It leads to the small circular formations on the sheet’s fabric, thus making the surface rough and unpleasant. Regular washing

Ease of Maintenance:-

Percale sheets are designed with 100% pure cotton and we all know that cotton fabrics require lesser maintenance. It is advisable to read the wash care instruction that arrives with the percale sheets for safe laundering. You can easily wash them in the washing machine using mild detergent. However, percale sheets do not require dry cleaning unless they contain a combination of sensitive fabrics such as silk.

Washing the Percale Sheets at Home:-

Percale sheets are compatible with machine washing on a gentle cycle. Make sure to use warm or tepid water as it aids in killing the viruses, germs, and bacteria present on the sheets. Do not mix the percale sheets with other clothes while laundering, as it can cause color bleeding and rips from buttons and zippers. One should wash the percale sheets once a week to maintain proper hygiene in the bedding.

Percale sheets are fade-resistant and their quality does not deteriorate with weekly washing. After laundering, flip dry the percale sheet and keep the heat settings to low. One must take out the percale sheets from the dryer when the wash cycle concludes. It helps in preventing the wrinkling of the sheets, thereby keeping the texture smoother. Further, the percale sheets are safe for ironing too.

Wrap Up

The information above throws light on what is percale in sheets. If you are a fan of soft and lavish bedding, percale sheets would be your thing of interest. These sheets cost lesser than the sateen ones and are resistant to pilling as well. Besides, one can select amongst a wide variety of colors and sizes of the percale sheets. So look no further and get one to give a touch of style and luxury to your bedding.

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