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January 30, 2021 3 min read

Colors of May

"May is usually the last month of the spring season and in the last few days, it is welcoming some warm vibes of summer. So the colors of May are green, which have many shades like Moss green, Light Green, Dark Green, Parrot Green, etc. These green color shades make your bedroom refresh and keep you close to Nature." 

As the seasons change, so you owe your bedding. From January to December, temperature changes require exchanging your bedding to stay comfortable. But seasonal bedding is not just for vacations and heat waves. You can also maintain your energy use in check.

We have to investigate more effective ways to live in a friendly manner with the environment. One way to do it is to opt for green bedding in our daily life. In Feng-Shui, the colors of may is green and the wooden element of it represent all kinds of families, ascents and unity inside, Useful in the east of a room or at home.

Lush and full of remedial energy, the wooden element combined with green color is an expression of wealth, and therefore an old feng-shui cure for wealth and success. Colors of may, Green is related with decision and action, and can motivate internal change.


Color of May Includes These Bedding Accessories:-

Green Sheets:-

We need to sleep well to do an effective job the next day. Most people affected by stress complain about the reduction of sleep and insomnia. Many people, especially babies are allergic to certain chemicals and dyes used in the production of regular leaves. Green sheets are a trouble-free solution while include as color of may. Allergic people or who have sensitive skin should change green leaves. These green sheets are free of chemical products and dyes.

Green Comforters:-

The Comforters are blankets that tend to make the person sleeping feel warm and tight, in short film. If they are made of thick and rugged fibers, obviously, this feeling will be difficult to come. But some specialized companies offer green comforters made of natural fibers and are filled with organic material inside. This improves the sensation of heat during our dream.

Green Duvet Covers:-

The duvet covers are the best supporters. There is a wide variety of Eco-friendly duvet covers in the market. They are designed for both convenience and super-soft textures. These products are available in many colors, designs, sizes and prices to meet the needs of individual consumers, so that we can make intelligent decisions.

Pillow Cases:-

Apart from the comfort of a pillowcase, it can also be used to improve the decoration of our rooms. Many people are allergic to the materials used for regular pillows and cannot sleep because of this. But the green organic pillowcases are made with natural fibers that are hypoallergenic and, therefore, provide a great relief to suffering people. Green sheets, comforters, duvet covers and pillows houses can be synchronized in color to improve the look and decoration of our homes.


It is quite important to make sure that the green bedding that uses contrast with the walls in such a way that the subject is perfectly created. Works of art, such as posters or wall stickers, also work well to update the appearance of a room and enhance overall look with colors of May, but should be used in moderation or may also result in visual disasters. Accessories are also important, so you should get green carpets, pillows, lamps, etc. So they can complement the green bedding you are using in the room.

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