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Duvet Definition: What Is A Duvet?  

what is a duvet cover

A good duvet is generally referred to as a type of bedding made from a cloth sewn to form a large soft flat bag. This bag is filled with soft materials like down, feathers, wool, or synthetic fiber. The word duvet arrives from the French for down, and down is the most popular filling used for duvets available among all other alternatives.

What Is A Duvet Cover?

It has become a little harder to define duvet because some use the word interchangeably with the comforter. In fact, some dictionaries include the word comforter in the entry, as a synonym. But in fact, the two pieces of bedding are not the same.

A duvet covers is a protective layer that comes with a closure to protect the duvet. A duvet cover not only changes the look of your bed quickly, but they are easy to remove and wash.

What is the Differences Between Duvet And Comforter?

When you are making a choice between a duvets or a comforter, you need to keep several factors in mind like the Ease of washing, bed making habits, etc.  

A comfy duvet cover is a type of blanket for your bedding. A duvet always require a two distinct piece of bedding. A duvet or comforter goes inside it and at the top, it usually has a button, zipper or tie. It allows the insert to stay in place.

While a Comforter is a Thick, Layered, Fluffy and Quilted blanket that Keeps you Warm, usually Filled with Synthetic Fiber. A comforter is Only a Single Piece of bedding.

What is the Difference Between Duvet and Comforter

Duvet Or Comforter: What Inside A Duvet Cover?

Keep the Electronics Gadgets away

 To protect or to create a new look, one can place duvet or comforter inside a duvet cover.

What Size The Duvet Cover Needs To Be?

Your duvet cover needs to be 1” or 2” larger than your duvet or comforter.

Here are some sizes to keep in mind:

Twin: From 63 inches x 85 inches to 68 inches x 88 inches

Full/Queen: From 85 inches x 91 inches to 90 inches x 92 inches

King: From 104 inches x 92 inches to 106 inches x 92 inches

California King: 102 inches x 99 inches

Which are The Fabric Available For Duvet Covers?

Duvet covers are available in a variety of fabrics, few of them are:

Cotton Duvet Cover: most commonly used, easy to care and breathable

Blend Duvet Covers: Cotton combined polyester ideal for easy care and no-ironing

Silk Duvet Covers: Luxurious, soft and demands high maintenance

Velvet Duvet Covers: Heavier in look, ideal for cool places, and usually made of polyester blends

How To Insert A Duvet Or A Comforter In A Duvet Cover?

  • Step 1 Turn the duvet covers inside out, and put it on top of the duvet.
  • Step 2 Put your arms inside the duvet cover and follow the seams up until you can grip the corners at the opposite end of the opening.
  • Step 3 Hold the duvet or comforter firmly through the duvet cover, shake the duvet cover down over the duvet or comforter.
  • Step 4 Fasten the open end of the duvet with the help of a zipper, button or ribbon enclosure.

How to care for a duvet cover?

After knowing what is a duvet cover, you may be curious to know about its care. Each duvet cover required different wash and care based on its fabric. For example, cotton duvet covers are machine washable with mild detergent and like clothes. While the silk duvet covers or covers made of silk needs dry cleaning and extra care.

How To Enhance The Interior Of Your Bedroom With Duvet Covers?

Duvet covers are versatile. They have the power to change the look and feel of your bedroom entirely. The way you want to use duvet covers to redecorate your bedroom is a matter of personal choice and preference. Below are some ways in which you can mix and match your duvet cover with the interior of your room:

  • Pick out a style that will go with your furniture and flooring of your bedroom
  • Pick solid and stripe colors like white, ivory, grey, navy blue duvet cover to create a luxurious hotel look.
  • Pick sheet sets that include a duvet cover for worry-free decorating
  • Pick patterned duvet covers for a contemporary and traditional setting

Why Using a Duvet Cover is a Good Idea?

A duvet is a crucial piece to make a warm and comfortable. Using a duvet and duvet cover combination is an outstanding idea for a number of reasons. To fire up, you don’t have to use it only with a duvet; you can use it with any lightweight comforter or quilt.

The wide array of colors and patterns allow you to change out your decor seasonally without having to renovate. There is no need to go out to buy a blanket or new comforter to match your bedding, simply choose a new duvet cover in a small part of the price.

Washing duvets can be a challenge, especially for larger sized beds. Avoid having to launder these heavier bedding options by using a cover to protect blanket choices. It is greatly easier to wash what amounts to two sheets than a full duvet. They are not only cost saving when you want to enhance the glance of a room, but they also store very easily.

We hope that you now you got exact clarity about what is a duvet cover? and the difference between duvet and comforter.

Types of Duvet Cover :

  1. Duvet Cover Set
  2. Ruffle Duvet Cover
  3. Pinch Duvet Cover
  4. Reversible Duvet Cover
  5. Dual Tone Half Pinch Duvet Cover
  6. Contrast Colour Bar Duvet Cover
  7. Moroccan Streak Duvet Cover
  8. Trimmed Ruffle Duvet Cover
  9. Diamond Ruffled Duvet Cover
  10. Two Tone Duvet Cover

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