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What is a Shams?

What is a Sham- "Eternally known as pillow sham, this is something that it is not supposed to be. Sham looks pretty simple and deceptive, but they have a unique quality when used as decorative items.

"The Popular Shams Sizes are as follows Standard Sham (20x26), European Sham (26x26), Queen sham (20x30), King sham (20x36) and we also make any customizes size shams."

Sham is unlike the other pillow covers, and they come in different patterns, colors, and fabric. The major difference between a pillow cover and a sham is the opening." The pillow shams come with a side opening. The sham has an opening at the back, and they also have zippers and buttons. This shows that sham is used as an ornamental item for pillows.

Types & Sizes of Sham:-

There are various kinds of shams that are available in the market, and they are as mentioned below:-

  • European Sham (26x26)
  • Standard Sham (20x26)
  • King sham (20x36)
  • Queen sham (20x30)

"The sizes of the sham vary, and they are used on different pillows. The size of a standard sham is 20″ by 26″, king sham comes in 20″ by 36″, and the European sham is available in the size of 26″ by 26″ and the Euro Sham is used on pillows that are square-shaped. Queen sham comes in the size of 20” by 30”. "

what is a sham?

True luxury comes when your bedroom is lit-up with fantastic bedding, pillows, sheets, and sham. There has been a lot of demand for bedroom, interior designing, and keeping the beds decorated is a mandatory thing. As sheets are for beds, shams are for pillows.

These decorative shams make your pillows look extremely beautiful. People that are interested in decking up their rooms will always use sham. While most of the people feel that sham are covers used on the surface as a protecting layer, you must know that they are more than that.

People that understand interior designing pay attention to every single thing, big or small. Sham forms an important part of interior bedroom designing.

Bedrooms aren’t just another part of and your home that is a place where you spend a lot of time. There are different kinds of sham that one can choose from. Picking the best sham will happen only when you start mastering the art of bedroom décor.


Depending on the size of the pillows you have, the shams can be picked. The shams are also known as continental shams. Now that we have understood the different types of sham, it is also good to know when to use a sham. Turning the boring pillows of your bed-rooms can be easily transformed using sham. This bedroom decorative is instantly going to make your bedroom look lavish and luxurious. For more professional understanding about this product you can refer - What is a Euro Sham? 

what is a sham?

Maintenance & How to Choose of Sham:-

These Shams are mostly used for ornamental purposes, these shams can be treated as the regular pillow covers. They are of low-maintenance, they can be washed easily like the other clothes.

Knowing everything about sham before picking them up would give you a lot of clarity in choosing the right one for your bedrooms. The shams are available in wide varieties; you can pick them up based on the following criteria.

  • Quality of the sham.
  • The fabric used to make the sham.
  • Color of the paints used in the bedroom.
  • Size of the pillows.
  • Patterns, colors, and the texture of the sham.
  • Cost of the sham.

These are the things that you need to know about the sham. Reading through these pointers from this write-up would come handy when you are planning to pick up a sham for your bedroom. After getting these beautiful Shams How to care your shams is big question.

  • Yes You can wash Shams in washing machine or by hands.
  • Always used normal water to wash these shams.
  • Mild liquid detergent is good to wash these shams.
  • Always wash Dark color shams separately. 
  • After washing them Air dry or dry in Shadow or protect from direct sun light.


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