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June 27, 2020 3 min read

Does polyester shrink?

If you are tired of wearing fabric that shrivels then, you must try using polyester. Considered to be one of the easiest fabrics to maintain, Polyester clothes do not even need ironing. Polyester does not shrink when soaked in water, unlike cotton.

Most of the clothes made of cotton, including the sheets, lose its structure once it gets washed. This makes the fabric shrink to a greater extent. Unlike cotton and other natural fibers, Polyester fabric never absorbs water. But, the absorption of oil is at the maximum.

Hence, the sheets and clothes made of polyester can easily get stained when exposed to oil and lubricants. The only way to shrink this fabric is during the manufacturing process. During the finishing step, the industry experts make use of certain steps and shrink the material as required.

These materials become high-resistant to shrinking. The garments or any other goods made of this fabric do not fall out of shape easily. Dying a cotton sheet later may not look as appealing as the polyester does.

The sheets made of polyester can easily absorb the colors during the dying process, and they do not bleed at all. They are largely used in the manufacture of pillow fillings and sleeping bags. The non-allergenic insulator quality of polyester makes it one of the best products in the bedding industry.

Whereas, any garment or sheet made of polyester does not shrink at all. Polyesters are synthetic polymers; hence, they do not attract any insects or molds.

Every other industry makes use of polyester. Right from the footwear till the bedding and upholstery polyester is used in all kinds of industries. Polyester is used a lot in the garment industry as well. The application of polyester is vast.

But, there are a few instances where the Polyester material can be shrunk. If you expose this fabric to a lot of heat, they do not just get shrunk, and they also get damaged. But, this is the only way to shrink a polyester material.

Mostly, a temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit is used to shrink this material as polyester is not an individual material. Polyester always comes in a combination of two or more materials. Normally it has a 50% blend of cotton, and the other half is polyester material. Therefore, shrinking blends are extremely difficult. To understand the blends, it is recommended to read the labels.

The labels with "blend" written on them would mention the percentage of the other fiber used. The majority of the time, it would be cotton fibers. The blended polyester fabrics are easier to shrink than just the polyester ones. These fabrics can be shrunk by using the heating method, as mentioned earlier.

The blended polyester fabric does not require such high heat. Instead, you can choose to use the washing machine to clean them. With a couple of washes and using the warm drying technique, these fabrics shrink.

Polyester clothing or sheets that are a blend of rayon, nylon, and polyester would be really hard to shrink. All of these are synthetic fibers, and they can resist shrinking even when they are exposed to high temperatures.

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