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June 29, 2020 3 min read

Sizes of Beds

Good sleep plays an important role in leading a good, healthy, and balanced lifestyle. After a tiresome day at work, who does not relish to seek a few moments of solace and peace in the bedroom? Well, when talking about sleep and bedroom, how come we can forget about the most pivotal element that is a bed.

Be it a big or a small room, a comfortable bed that perfectly complements your room always makes a difference. Most people often end up selecting the wrong type and sizes of beds for themselves that can destroy the looks of the bedroom to a great extent. Also, the wrong choice of bed means compromising on comfort and sleep.

That is why it becomes necessary to select the type of bed according to the requirements and size of the bedroom. The Comfort Beddings brings an outline differentiating between full vs. queen size beds to help you in making a wise choice.

Difference between full and queen size beds

Before proceeding further to purchase a bed for your bedroom, you should be aware of the difference between full and queen size beds as these two are amongst the most common bedding choices that are preferred across the globe.

By choosing the right type of bed for your room, you can enhance the beauty and charisma of your room to a great extent. For this, the following are a few parameters on which you can compare full and queen size bed dimensions.

 Dimensions: The width and length of a full bed are 54 inches and 75 inches respectively. On the other hand, the dimensions of a queen size bed are 60 inches and 80 inches respectively.

 Suitability:The width and length of a full bed are 54 inches and 75 inches respectively. On the other hand, the width and length of a queen size bed are 60 inches and 80 inches respectively.

 Affordability:As compared to the queen size beds, the full-size beds are comparatively cheaper. Also, the spare parts of the full beds are easily available and budget-friendly too.

The reason behind this is full beds are smaller in size as compared to the queen size ones. On the other hand, the queen size beds require mattresses of larger size which is going to add up in the budget.

 Required Room Size:It is always preferable to access the room size before placing a bed as it would help you in organizing the bed in the best possible way. However,

the required room size for a full bed is 10x12 feet whereas, for a queen bed, 12x12 feet or above that is a good space to consider.

 Complimenting Accessories:You just cannot keep your bed without placing the essential bedding accessories. However, the bedding accessories for the full-size beds are easily available in the market or online stores at pocket-friendly prices as the size is universal and comparatively smaller.

On the other note, the bedding accessories such as duvets, comforters, pillows, and sheets for the queen size bed would be pretty much expensive due to the larger dimensions of accessories that are required to fit the queen size beds perfectly.

Wrap Up

If your bedroom is quite small and you are running out of space, then it is better to go for a full-size bed as it can comfortably accommodate a single person. Additionally, if your room has ample space, then you can place a queen size bed to get the extra space and comfort for yourself. Apart from comparing full-size bed vs. queen, always consider your requirements and budget before purchasing a bed as it would help you in making a fruitful and worthy choice.

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