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Pillows You Can Wash

Undeniably, it is pure bliss to come home from a hectic day and rest your head down on the soft and smooth pillow. Apart from being your companion in attaining a sound sleep, a pillow infuses optimal comfort in your bedding. Hence, it is vital to keep the pillows clean to prevent the accumulation of dirt and germs. One must wash not only the pillowcase but pillow as well for a hygienic bedding experience. So There are lots of varieties of Pillows You Can Wash with ease; the process might depend upon the material. Yes, You Can Easily Wash Your Pillow and Pillow covers, Pillows can be washed by hands and in Washing Machine.

  1. While washing pillows in a washing machine use normal Lukewarm water. Avoid bleach and harsh chemical detergent for washing pillows.
  2. Chemical Free Mild liquid detergent is best to wash pillows and pillow covers.
  3. If you are washing the dark color pillows, wash them separately in the washing machine.
  4. Keep your machine was cycle on gentle or normal mode and set the time from 5 to 10 minutes this is the best suitable washing option for pillow and pillow cover.
  5. After washing pillows, air dry is the perfect option to dry those pillows and keep away from direct sunlight.
Pillow You Can Wash

How Often Should One Wash The Pillow?

Ideally, pillows should be washed at least three to four times a year or once every four months. Thus it will aid in enhancing the long-lasting of the pillows, keeping them softer and cleaner.

Washing Pillows the Right Way:-

Not all pillow materials are the same. Owing to this, you should not follow the same process to clean all types of pillows such as down, solid foam, and fiberfill. Though most pillow styles are safe for machine wash, some require dry-cleaning only. On the other hand, some pillow types have limitations when it comes to front-load washing.

In some cases, it is advisable to treat merely the spots instead of washing the whole pillow. In this blog, we have listed the types of pillow you can wash along with their cleaning procedure. Before you begin, make sure to read the care tag present on the pillow.

Airing out the Pillows:-

Do not forget to fluff the pillows regularly as it helps restore their original shape and removes the dust. Additionally, hang the pillows outdoors for a couple of hours on the clothesline. On the contrary, if you have latex or foam pillows, select the no-heat cycle mode and run them along with the dryer.

All Your Pillow Needs is a Gentle Touch:-

A pillow you can wash requires a reasonable amount of time to become completely dry. Stay gentle on the pillows to maintain their quality and texture. If you want to remove wet stains on the pillow, spot treat the particular pillowcase. For this, you can apply a stain remover or a cleaner to the pillowcase before washing it. Put two pillows into the washing machine if there is enough space.

Eventually, it will stabilize the load and enable the water and detergent to circulate effectively. Questions such as can you wash down pillow or not tend to popup in the mind of the people. This is because down pillows are the softest ones and need extra care while washing. At times, the agitator present on the standard top-loaders can be harsh on the pillows. Due to this, one must opt for the gentle cycle and run it for the shortest setting available.

Specialized Care for the Diverse Pillow Types:-

There are different types of pillows available in the market, such as down, latex, memory foam, feather, bamboo, polyester, and many more. You cannot follow the same procedure for washing them all due to the dissimilarity in the composition. Therefore, material-specific care is recommended to take proper care of the pillow you can wash. Below-mentioned is the most common types of pillows along with their suitable washing process.

Down or Feather Pillow:-

Most people refrain from washing feather or down pillow as they are quite sensitive. So can you wash feather pillow or not? Well, the answer is yes but one has to take some extra precautions while doing so. Ensure to use cool water only along with a mild detergent. Do not opt for the strong cloth cleaners as they can damage the pillow material to a noticeable extent. Afterward, dry the pillow on lower heat settings to prevent the damage.

Latex or Memory Foam:-

Can you wash memory foam pillow in the same way as the feather ones? Let us find out! The washer agitation can result in the breaking up of the foam inside the pillow. Hence, the latex or memory foam pillows are compatible with hand washing only. Firstly, you have to vacuum the dust off the pillow you can wash. Take a neat and damp soft cloth and pour a little bit of mild detergent. Lay down the pillow flat to let it air dry.

Bamboo Pillow:-

Hand washing accompanied by air drying is the two pivotal steps of washing bamboo pillows. Yet can you wash bamboo pillow in a washing machine too? Obviously yes, but use tepid water altogether with a milder detergent that is free from harmful chemicals. Ensure that the bamboo pillow you can wash is completely dry beforehand, washing or putting it inside the washing machine.

Keep the wash setting to gentle mode only. If you prefer to hand wash the bamboo pillows, let the detergent soak appropriately into the material. Refrain from over-washing as it can damage the pillow material.

Polyester Pillow:-

Select the gentle cycle settings and put few polyester pillows at a time into the washing machine. By doing so, it will balance the machine load uniformly for an effective wash. A polyester pillow you can wash involves warm water along with one tablespoon of mild liquid soap.

Thorough Drying of the Pillows is Quintessential:-

Dry out the pillows completely to escape the risk of any damages. Avoid the auto-dry mode as the sensors will perceive the moisture on the topmost surface, thus leaving the pillow damper inside. If you hand wash the pillows, hang them in the subtle sunlight until they become fully dry.

Resourceful Tips to Follow for a Safe Washing Experience:-

  • Dry a couple of pillows at a time along with multiple dry towels to speed up the drying process.
  • Mix two fresh dryer or tennis balls to prevent the filling from clunking as they bounce around the drum.
  • Go for the heatless air-dry mode while drying feather or down pillows.
  • Keep a close check on the moisture level inside the pillow.

Wrap Up

There is an array of pillow you can washwith utmost convenience and ease. After washing, the next and the foremost step is to conceal the pillows in premium-quality pillow covers. Ultimately, it will assist in protecting the pillow against sweat, impurities, facial creams, and body and hair oils. Launder the pillowcase and bed sheets once every week to keep the bedding clean and well-maintained.

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