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Different Types of Fabrics

Who does not wants to have luxurious bedding that looks elegantly beautiful and at the same time, delivers optimum comfort too? Well, many people think that sumptuous bedding is not affordable but little do they know that it is the choice of fabric that plays the key role.

There are many Different Types of Fabrics materials used in the bedding that is available in the market at budget-friendly prices. It is not necessary to shed a bomb to create luxuriously gorgeous bedding as the right choice of fabric can enhance and beautify the charisma to a great extent.

New List of Different Types of Fabrics:-

  • In 2023 These are some famous fabrics which is highly used by textiles. Cotton, Silk, Linen, Satin, Egyptian Cotton Fabric, Pima Cotton Fabric, Tencel, Bamboo, Blend Cotton, Chiffon, Crepe, Denim, Velvet, Wool, Percale, Jacquard Etc.

The following are some of the finest and most preferable types of fabric materials suggested by Comfort Beddings that you can incorporate in your bedding accessories to make them stand out!

Different Types of Fabric


This soft, silky, and luxurious fiber is derived from the Silkworms and naturally hypoallergenic and cost-effective. It gives a sophisticated look when used in the bedsheets and delivers a cooling effect that makes it a considerable option for luxury beddings.


This manmade fiber is sourced from the same polymers that are used for making plastic bottles. It has a stiff and scratchy texture and is quite inexpensive as compared to the other fabrics. This fiber is often infused with different types of threads, such as microfibers, nylon, and acrylic for making comfortable bedding essentials.

Egyptian Cotton

This super luxurious and extra-long fiber is known for its smooth and soft texture that is mainly used for creating premium quality bed sheets. It is mainly grown in the dry and warm temperate of North Africa.

Upland Cotton

This is the most common variety of cotton that consists of short fibers and is affordable too. It is less soft as compared to the other fabrics in the segment. It is mainly used in creating basic bedsheets.


This fabric is derived from the cellulose fibers that are found in the stalks of the flax plant. This fabric is also blended with cotton for a fine breathable fabric material. The bedsheets that are made from this fabric are quite comfortable and suitable for cold weather.


This fabrics is made from the wood pulp derived from the eucalyptus tree. It is generally soft, durable, and is antimicrobial too. This fiber is not as breathable as cotton but it delivers a slightly moist feel.


The bamboo fibers can be converted into a fine fabric that is stiff and rough in texture. Most of the bedsheets that are labeled as bamboo ones are actually made from rayon through a rigorous process. This fabric is silky, soft, breathable, and durable.


Blended fabrics, such as cotton/polyester, cotton/rayon, cotton/bamboo, and nylon/polyester are widely preferred as these are affordable, durable, and wrinkle-resistant. Such fabrics are mainly used for making bedding for kids.

Wrap Up

It is very essential to evaluate the diverse types of fabric material and select the one that suits your requirements perfectly. After all, the right type of fabric plays a pivotal part in the creation of elegant yet affordable bedding that would turn the heads for you.

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