July 20, 2020 3 min read

What is a Pillow Shams

Whenever we talk about the essential yet luxurious bedding accessories, pillows are an irreplaceable part of it. In present times, you must have seen those celebrity-inspired bedroom décor featuring pillows of diverse shapes and sizes on the bed covered in a decorative façade. Such sophisticated and elegant pillow concealments are known as a pillow shams. In this blog, the Comfort Beddings brings out everything that you need to know about "What is a pillow shams!"

"A Decorative Pillow sham is an ornamental or decorative pillow cover that enhancing the look of ordinary-sized pillow fills into usable bedding accessories for the bedroom." 

"These decorative pillow shams come in these different sizes: Standard Size Pillow Sham (26"x20"), King Size Pillow Sham (36"x20"), and Euro Sham (26"x26")."

Different Between pillow sham & Pillow cover:-

You must be wondering what is a pillow sham and how it is different from a pillow cover. Well, it is necessary to keep the pillows safe and protected otherwise the cottony feathers can spill out of it. "Pillow cover acts as a protective casing that keeps the pillows protected from unforeseen and inevitable damages. Besides this, pillow covers are unsealed from one side with no closure."

On the other hand, a "Pillow sham is touted as an enhancing camouflage that can be opened from the backside. They also come along with a hidden closure or an overlying length of fabric. These are made using a flat fabric piece that features attractive borders on the four edges, also known as a flange." Sometimes, a flange is also kept plain that gives it a more refined and classy look.

Compliments the bedding perfectly

Pillow shams are designed in contrast to the beauty-enhancing elements of bedding such as a duvet cover, bedsheets, and comforter. However, a pillow sham can even be designed uniquely for infusing a trendy and stylish look in your bedding.

From silky pastels to shimmery bolds, pillow shams can be designed in diverse color range along with embedded designs that would make your bedding stand apart from others. This fashionable pillow accessory is often referred to as a bed sham.

Assists in designing

Have you ever looked at those ultra-stylish and classy bedding arrangements that can be seen in movies? You might be thinking that to transform and beautify your bedroom, it would take a hefty sum of money. Well, this is just a mere misconception as with the help of affordable bedding accessories, you can change the way your bedroom looks.

By placing some of the finest and exquisite pillow shams over your bedding, you can increase the charm of your bedroom to a great extent. However, you can even arrange the pillow shams in stacked, layered, or asymmetrical designs to achieve the desired look.

Benefits of having a pillow sham:-

 They offer optimum protection to keep your pillows safe and intact for longer

 Adds beautification and charm in the bedding

 Gives a classy, elegant, and sophisticated look to your bedroom

 Made from super luxurious fine fabrics that are comfortable and cozy


If you are looking forward to creating stylish and gorgeous bedding that is sure to spellbind the people, then do not miss out on pillow shams. Although, being a pillow accessory, these shams play an important role in redefining and reinventing the beauty of your bedding in the best possible way.

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