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July 01, 2020 2 min read

What are the dimensions of a queen-size bed

No one likes to compromise upon the sleep and comfort, especially after leading a tiresome day at home or work. However, many people often go for bed sizes that do not fit their requirements precisely that can affect their sound sleep and relaxation adversely.

Some people like to sleep alone whereas some like to seek the company or their pets, partners, or kids while sleeping. In such cases, the size of the bed plays an important role in providing the essential space and comfort that one needs for a contented sleep.

Well, queen size beds are amongst the most preferable bed sizes across the globe. A question must have popped up in your mind; what are the dimensions of a queen-size bed. The Comfort Beddings brings out the essential information that you need to know for making a worthy choice!

Dimensions of a queen size bed

The ideal dimensions of a standard queen size bed are around 60x80 inches. Such types of beds have an area of 33 square feet approximately and are complemented by thick mattresses that come under the range of 22-30 cm.

Queen Size beds can easily accommodate two people and offer more comfort and support for the taller people. A queen-size bed is generally a size smaller than a king-size bed and is one size bigger as compared to the large size beds.

Types of queen size beds

Apart from the Standard queen size beds, there are two more variants in the category namely Olympic and California queen size beds. The dimensions of the Olympic and California ones are 80x66 inches and 84x60 inches respectively. All these variants of queen size beds come along with a depth ranging between 9-16 inches.

The split queen size beds

The dimensions of a split queen size beds are similar to the length and width of a standard queen size mattress. The only difference is that the split queen size beds are fragmented into two separate parts in which the dimension of each part is 30x80 inches.

Required Room Space

The queen size beds are generally considered as one of the most versatile bedding options as they fit perfectly in most bedrooms. The ideal room space for accommodating such type of comfortable and capacious bedding should be between 9.5-10 feet. However, if your room size is smaller than this, then it would become difficult for you to accommodate a queen size bed into it.

Apart from this, if your room size is smaller than the ideal one, no matter which type of bed you are going to place in it, things would begin to feel overcrowded and congested.

Wrap Up

If you want to infuse optimum luxury and comfort in your bedding, then nothing could be better than placing a queen size bed in your room. These types of beds are sophistically elegant that would beautify the interiors of your bedroom. Besides this, you would be getting more comfortable space and relaxation while sleeping on a queen-size bed.

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