June 26, 2020 3 min read

Best Bed Sheet That Keep You Cool

Choosing sheet is certainly one of the trickiest things. When summer starts kicking in, it becomes extremely difficult to wrap yourselves up in a thick blanket.

The scorching sun, humidity, and the weariness make you sleep for longer hours. During such times, it is important to pick up sheets that are suitable for that season.

There are certain things that you need to know while choosing a sheet for summer. This article comprises of everything that one needs to know about picking a perfect sheet for summer.

• Choose natural fibers over the artificial ones

This is the first thing that you need to know when you are picking a sheet for the summer days.

Choosing artificial fibers like polyester or synthetic ones would make you feel hotter. Sliding inside these sheets during the nights can become tougher.

Choosing natural fibers like cotton, silk, sateen, and jersey would be an ideal choice. These sheets would make space for proper airflow and makes you feel comfortable while you sleep.

• Luxury or simple

If you are keen on having a lavish bed, it is ideal to choose silk. These sheets are appealing to eyes, but they have the tendency to increase the temperature of the body when wrapped around.

Picking up the cotton sheets is a perfect choice as they offer comfort and luxury during summers.

Cotton sheets are easy to maintain, and they come in various patterns as well. The temperature of the body would always be kept at proper levels when you use the cotton sheets.

Also, cotton sheets are all-season sheets, and you could use them during winter too. At a nominal cost, great luxury is a perfect choice to make, and that can be easily achieved with cotton sheets.

• Try blends of cotton

There are different blends of cotton that are available in the market. These choices would make you happy, as you can instantly brighten your bedrooms and feel cooler while you use them.

Some of the other fabrics that are suitable for summers are Percale, Sateen, and Jersey.

• Right thread counts matter as well

The thread count of a sheet determines the overall quality of the sheet. It is important to pick sheets that are woven carefully with optimum thread count.

When the thread count is best, you can expect greater comfort and luxury at night while you are asleep.

You would feel cooler only when you pick a sheet that is made of 400 thread count. These bed sheets allow the air to flow freely, giving you extreme comfort. You can also read about best thread count for sheets here.

• Right fit

When you are picking sheets for summer, it is essential to pick the right fit sheets. If the sheets are too huge, they end up tangling.

While you are asleep, it is important to be free and comfortable. These tangles can actually create a lot of heat around you and increase the discomfort.

In winters, you might enjoy getting trapped in a bundle of sheets, but this can be extremely annoying during summers. Hence, getting the right-fit sheets are highly important.

These are some of the tips that are to be remembered when you are picking up sheets for the summer season.

Apart from all these, ensure proper ventilation in the bedrooms to keep yourself cool at night. It is wise to stay hydrated and also wear dresses that do not stick to your body.

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