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What is A Top Sheets?

“In Most Simple Way Flat sheet under which the bed occupants lie is called the top sheet”. A top Sheet can be used as a protector of mattresses, beds, and other bedding accessories.

These Top sheets or Flat sheets can be used easily and they can be washed easily too. Our Top sheet's big advantage is it can be used in any season day or night."

But before we discuss why top sheets, what are their advantages, disadvantages, etc. if you are not aware of what is meant by top sheet, then let us tell you that the flat sheet under which the bed occupants lie is called the top sheet. Blankets, comforters, quilts, duvets cover, etc. are laid over the top sheet. Thus, we can also say that the top sheet protects bed covers like a blanket, comforters, duvets, quilts, etc., laid over it.

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Probably The Most Hygienic Way To Sleep Is With Top Sheets:-

The people, who are obsessed with cleanliness, self-care, and hygiene, always recommend proper bedding, and as per them, proper bedding consists of aflat sheet, a top sheet, a blanket, quilt or duvets.     

According to medical sciences too, it is always better to spend a few extra seconds to improve the quality of life, and top sheets fall under that category. This extra layer of fabric does a lot more than just making your sleep smoother. As per the microbiologist and pathologist, our bed is a source for the growth of microscopic life like fungi, pollen, bacteria, pollen, animal dander, etc. due to the various kinds of excrement from the body like sweat, skin cells, etc.  

To keep your body protected and safe from these fungal and microscopic infections, the top sheet is very important. Also, you need to wash your bedding once a week. If left unrestricted, these spores get pulled into your mattress, bed sheet, flat sheet, and pillows and blast up right up in your face and body.

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What Things To Consider When Buying The Top Sheets

So, finally, you have decided to buy a top sheet. But did you know that while buying the top sheet, you need to take into consideration several factors? They are as follows:

(1) Material:-

A top sheet is available in a lot of materials like Cotton, Tencel, Microfiber, Silk, etc., but cotton is the most common and preferred material used in top sheets because of its softness and adaptability to adjust with temperature.

(2) Weave:-

The type of weave determines the feel and the durability of the top sheets. Some of the popular weaves are percale, sateen, and twill.    

(3) Depth:-

You need to pick the top sheet according to the depth of the mattress to have a restful sleep.

(4) Extra Features:-

Always look for extra features like wrinkle-resistant, anti-microbial qualities while buying a top sheet.

Top Sheet Or Not To Top Sheet: Sentiment Split

In spite of all the hygiene and safety-related things correlated with the top sheet, everyone has their sheet habits and here their sentiments split. Some love top sheets and others hate them. Let’s talk about the pros (why people love them) and cons (why people hate them).

Pros of Top Sheet:-

  • Top sheets protect the bed cover like a duvet, comforters, quilt, blanket, etc., laid over it
  • In warmer climate or hot nights, one can use top sheets instead of blankets to trap the cooler air in-like an air conditioner.
  • Top sheets can also be used for “triple sheeting”- a technique in which a duvet is sandwiched between two flat sheets and the fitted sheet is used as the base.
  • The top sheet is soft and flexible while duvet cover is heavier. Thus, instead of using a duvet cover, using the top sheet is better to wash and maintain properly.
  • In cold climate or chilly nights, the top sheet can create an extra layer of warmth along with your duvet covers by catching the warm air in.
  • As per medical science, use of top sheet and washing it regularly restrict the bacterial infection and fungi and keeps your body clean.
  • As the top sheet is placed between the sleeper and the blanket, it makes the bedding more welcoming and protects the blanket or comforter from getting dirty.

Cons of Top Sheet:-

Millennial’s and lazy people have their logic of not using the top sheets. As per them, washing flat sheet and duvet covers every week is panic, and eats up more time

Some people find themselves tucked into the top sheet and don’t move during the sleep and found it messy. For them, top sheets work as a trap and they often experience suffocation

The difference in partner sheet habits is also a reason for not using the top sheet

Some time people ditch the top sheet to save some money and felt money invested on top sheets as waste or not worthy     

In extremely cold climates, top sheets add another layer of warmth by trapping warm air close to the body


You need a top sheet or not at all, entirely depend on your sleeping habits and preferences. However, it is always advisable to use top sheets for safety and hygiene purposes. If you are looking for a genuine online store for purchasing your top sheets, then you can Here you will get varied colors, and sizes to choose for your top sheet. Additionally, you can complete your all bedding related shopping by getting the guarantee of premium quality and affordable cost. "You need a top sheet or not at all, entirely depend on your sleeping habits and preferences”.

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