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What is a Euro Shams?

If you have to browse through the varied categories of our bedding collection, then you might come across the term “Euro Sham”. Again, some might be familiar with this term and some not. "What is a Euro Sham "It is a small decorative square pillow generally placed at the head of the bed, with Standard, Queen, and king-sized pillows. A Euro Shams is usually used decoratively on beds."

  • The Euro Sham Size is 24”X24”, 26"X26”, 28”X28” or 32"X32". Usually, Two Euro shams are used on a Queen or Full-size bed, and three Euro Shams are used on king size bed.
  • A decorative Euro sham is also divided on the basis of design it can be divided into two different variants printed or solid."

The Some might think it is just another name of pillowcase while some feel it differs from Supreme Pillow Case. So let’s discuss what is a Euro Sham and why do we need one?

What Is a Euro Sham
There are lots of differences Euro shams can create by adding style and fullness to the bedding ensemble. It is a very helpful item; you should have in your bedding closet.

We have seen many people who earlier never had thought to spend the money on Euro shams, considering them totally unnecessary. But once when people purchase it, they realized that they are actually making a big visual impact for a relatively small investment. The Euro shams put that fluffiness and decorative look together, by providing the backbone to your bedding set. They add a dramatic appeal to your bed.

Various Uses of Euro Sham:-

  • Euro Shams add dramatic appeal to your bed, you can place them vertically straight against the headboard.
  • You can prop them against the wall if you do not have the headboard.
  • On large sofas, Euro Shams can also be used as Sofa Pillows.
  • They are also good for pet beds and These euro shams can be used as a personal relaxing thing.
  • These Euro shams can be also used to hide non-decorative sleeping pillows, which are usually used at night.
  • The Euro shams also be used to hide your pillow behind a more decorative façade.
  • Bordered on sides with a flat piece of fabric called “flange”.
  • Designed to match the more decorative elements of bedding.
  • Tend to open from the back with hidden closure or overlapping length of fabric.
  • As they are handy and can be used almost everywhere around the house, they make great floor pillows for coffee table dining and floor pillows for kids.
  • They may not be good when you are going for sleep but gives you maximum comfort, and are super handy while reading, having breakfast, or watching TV in bed.

What is a sham? & Why Euro shams are necessary to enhance the look, understand this, with the help of below two images:-

Here’s the “before” picture of Comfort bedding's bed without the Euro shams.

Euro Sham

And now see this “after” picture of Comfort bedding's bed with Euro shams.

What is a Euro Sham

Did You Have Noticed The Improvement, We Are Noticing?

Later placement of pillows is looking so perky, full, gorgeous, beautiful and professional. To get a magazine like a look, changing the pillow routine (especially the Euro sized decorative shams) is a simple solution you can have.  

This later image displays that decorating your bed with one or two Euro shams, is completely your choice, but it nicely and elegantly feels the look.

 Two Euro Sham vs Three Euro Sham

How To Choose A Euro Sham:-

Euro shams can be easily mixed and matched with any other bedding ensemble. It can be used with similar color bedding. Also, it adds a nice touch when matched with contrast fabric. Even you can match your Euro shams with bed skirt. Thus, it is not at all necessary for you to buy a new Euro sham every time when you are updating your bedding ensemble. Buying a Euro sham is a one-time wise investment you do for yourself to make your bedding look more decorative, more graceful.   

So, the strategy to choose a Euro sham and Euro sham size is just very simple. Go with what pleases your eyes. Just remember one thing, choose a versatile Euro sham, that can be blended nicely with other your sheets, pillows, comforters, duvets, etc. For this, choosing a neutral shade Euro Sham set is ideal. You can check out White Euro shams, Light Grey Euro Shams, and Dark Grey Euro Shams. So, for creating a new bedroom experience, dreamy ambience, test out Euro sham look with a good fashion statement.

Euro Sham Size:-

Our Euro sham size is Standard or king shams are rectangle splendor which is sized 20" x 26" (standard) and 20" x 36" (king). Usually, they are planned with same a bedding pattern, which makes it a wonderful move toward to come up with a perfect look. Euro shams have a lot of different designs highlighting its impressive works, imprinted arts, and simple threading to maintain its elegance.

Euro shams come in matching patterns which can be a great way to freshen up the look of your bedroom. They usually come in 26" x 26" dimensions at the minimum, and the most usual sham measures 20" x 26" which correspond to the of Euro sham size. This makes it a completely square pillow that can be used in all manner of ways. When mutual with other size shams the entire together takes on a bold new life all its own. This can give a great compact of customization for bedding set.

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