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Quality of Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Have you ever stay in a luxurious hotel that had the softest sheets you've ever feel while resting? Ever wonder why your bedding at residence can't give you the same feeling?

Well you can have that luxurious experience at home all you need to do is be sure to purchase 100% Egyptian cotton beddings.

What is Egyptian cotton?

Egyptian cotton is formed from the rich soil along the Nile River. The wet climate of the Nile River Valley creates the ideal environment to grow long cotton fibers called staples. It is confidential as an extra long staple cotton because it ranges in length from 1 1/2 inches to 2 1/4 inches while most of the other cottons are just half of their extent.

Egyptian cotton

Because of the wide length of the fibers, it can be spun into so fine yarns which are softer, radiant, stronger and more long-lasting than their shorter counterparts. Simultaneously, Egyptian cotton is highly permeable. It means that when the fabric is dyed the ultimate product produced will preserve its lively colors longer than other cotton.

The longer staple creates a more constant fiber to use while making threads and yarn. The yarn is lesser in diameter however more industrious than other cotton fibers. The smaller the yarn the more threads can be used to create stronger cotton fabric.

What you must look for in an Egyptian cotton Bedding?

The 1st and foremost thing you should check for is the proportion of Egyptian cotton used. The product made of 100% Egyptian cotton will be of a more superior quality than made with some substandard cotton blends.

The 2nd thing to check is the thread count, as the staples are extra long they produce fibers that are thinner and extra durable than any other cotton blends, these thinner threads outcome in higher thread counts.

Thread count is simply means how many threads of cotton are woven lengthwise as well as width-wise into an inch of fabric used. Because the threads are longer and nearer together, the bedding can last for decades if correctly cared. A high-quality thread count starts around 400 and goes up-to 1000, but as the thread count raises the quality of the fabric also enhance. Therefore, the higher the thread count, the more comfortable and softer the bedding.

What to Expect When you Get your Bedding?

The bedding shaped from Egyptian cotton is softer than other cottons when it is fresh. It has a crisp feel, but after each laundering it become softer and cuddlier. The softness and fresh quality can take you back to the night you stayed in the hotel with the softest bedding you had ever felt. There is nothing like putting fresh clean sheets on your bed and down into bed and feeling them on your skin. You’ll begin to take pleasure in your Egyptian cotton bedding more and more as it continues to time just similar to an old wine.


Due to the extensive and long, continuous fibers, the cotton does not pill and the smoothness of the bedding improve with every wash which means that organic Egyptian cotton bedding hold its soft and smooth feeling of comfort. Even better, it doesn't wrinkle roughly.

Compatible in Summer Weather

Egyptian cotton is the best on the wetness or moisture absorption and breathability scale which is significant for a calm sleep. Additionally, to these qualities, its soft surface feels cool in the summer season. Even sleep with just a sheet and a natural cotton bed sheets on top, perfect for warm summer nights.

 Investing in Organic Egyptian cotton

So, if you are looking to enhance the look of your bedroom and want to get pleasure from the comfort of the world's top quality hotels, try the comfort of 100% organic Egyptian cotton bedding. Buying a complete set of bedding in Egyptian cotton costs more at the beginning, but will live longer than low-grade bedding material and just get better for long time. So, if you want to buy organic Egyptian cotton bedding products, rest assured that you are buying the best for yourself and the planet, even when you are asleep.

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