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What is Jacquard Fabrics?

This classic looking fabric is one of the top to be bought if you want to get a suit stitched and flaunt around like a diva. "Along with the attire, you can also deck up your bedroom elegantly using this rustic looking fabric. Exactly like Linen, Jacquard is a material which is made using a fine weaving technique.

In present Jacquard fabric is one of the best fabric that has also been extensively used in the mattress and bedding industry." The advancement in Jacquard looms also revolutionized the development of computer hardware too.What is Jacquard fabric

What is Jacquard Fabric?

In the 1980s, the machines created by Jacquard were introduced in the market. The design elements that he introduced then have been commendable even to this day. The name Jacquard is given to the fabric in order to pay tribute to the great inventor of this amazing fabric. Jacquard can be obtained using a wide range of fibers, including natural cotton and silk. We can obtain Jacquard through artificial fibers like Polyester and also polyester-cotton blends.

The Jacquard is pretty thick and elegant when it comes to physical properties. The design of the fabric is fantastic; hence, the creation of fabrics can happen directly without any further processing. This is the signature mark of this material. There is no requirement of any stamping, printing, or embroidery required for the jacquard fabrics. Jacquard is a reversible material, and the designs would be found when you reverse the fabric.

Jacquard Fabric

Advantages of Jacquard


  • Jacquard machines can be used to create patterns and designs of various types and kinds on the fabric.
  • The prints can be done on various kinds of materials including cotton, Polyester, cotton blend polyester etc.
  • Freehand drawings can also be done on the Jacquard material, and this does not limit the artist to use their creativity.
  • One can use as many numbers of prints as they want to and there is absolutely no restriction to this process as well.
  • The machine offers brilliant and enormous design possibilities
  • The machine is user-friendly and operating it is very simple.

Disadvantages of Jacquard


  • Setting up a large-scale unit with the Jacquard machines can turn out to be expensive.
  • Similar to Linen and pure cotton, Jacquard is also pretty expensive.
  • Changing the patterns according to the tend can be quite problematic
  • There are some limitations with a few Jacquard machines. Obtaining the fabric with these restrictions can become tough.
  • The machines at times can also produce faulty prints resulting in the wastage of the fabric.

Jacquard fabric definition with respect to history:-

When you take a look at history, Jacquard has its association with brocade. Fabrics like Linen, Wool, and other few were turned into complex patterns in order to obtain elegant fabrics. Silk weaving started somewhere around the 6th century, with this brocade started gaining popularity as one of the beautiful fabrics.

The touch and feel of brocade are completely different from the other fabrics, and the craftsmen that worked on the Byzantine material also started the weaving of brocades, tapestry-like fabrics, damasks, and others using silk. All these materials were made exclusively to suit the requirement of the royal families.

With the huge demand for brocade, it started becoming quite expensive, and the commoners could not afford to buy it. It started becoming the possession of the people that had wealth. When the Italians started gaining their control in the areas of textile, the cost of brocade almost became skyrocketing. With the draw boys and the weaver boys working together, the tedious task of obtaining brocade finally had to see some downfall.

Joseph Marie Jacquard was the buy who introduced the jacquard fabric to the world. He changed the dimension and the perspective of the textile industry with his revolutionary invention. He started his career at a very early age because the draw boys that worked in the process of manufacturing brocades had to be small children.

Since the process involved climbing up the loom during the work. Most of the small children started developing physical disorders as the work was very tedious, and they also worked for late hours. Jacquard came up with an amazing idea. He used the stiff punch cards similar to the reels on Piano. Napoleon Bonaparte paid attention to his concept and commissioned him to complete the work in Paris.

Jacquard, in 1804, finally completed this machine that was programmed. Charles Babbage, the father of the computer, later drew his inspiration from the same machine and inducted the world to computers. Punch cards created by Jacquard also formed the basis for the early binary system as well. Well, this was the history of Jacquard! Now, let us try and understand how Jacquard is being put into use in the modern world.

Why Jacquard Fabric is Popular in Women:-  

There are several applications of Jacquard material, and some of them are as mentioned below

  • Jacquard is one of the most sought-after materials by ladies. The elegance and classiness obtained by this fabric are totally unbeatable.
  • Different kinds of patterns can be created using the jacquard machine. Hence, the application of this material is found extensively in the upholstery and bedding industries.
  • One can easily create beautiful and embellished sheets using Jacquard, and the bedroom can instantly start looking appealing with this fabric.
  • Jacquard sareesare also available, and it is one of the most favorites amongst ladies.
  • Children wear also looks brilliant in Jacquard material
  • Curtains, draperies, and other interior designing products also make use of Jacquard material.

Well, if you are craving to give your home and especially your bedroom a decent and an appealing look, get Jacquard material today. With this fabric, it is not just the appearance, but, the overall beauty of the home can be increased within the instance. For all those people that are interested in renovating their bedrooms, you now know the reasons to invest in the royal material, isn't it?

We hope this article has given you enough information that you always wanted to know about Jacquard. This time when you are planning to create different looks for your bedrooms, make sure to get the sheets, duvets, pillow covers, and other mattress related things made of Jacquard.


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