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Right RV Sheets for Your Camper

Do you feel uncomfortable while sleeping in your RV? Are you getting too hot or too cold in the mid night, no matter where you’re camping? It may be the time to improve your RV bed Sheet.

Quality bed sheets can create a difference between a sweaty, restless night and a calm night’s sleep. However, you don’t want to add just any random set of RV bed sheets. To begin, it’s essential to note what makes RV bed sheets special than the usual bed sheets you use to décor at your home.

How RV Sheets Are Different than Regular Sheets?

RV bed sheets are particularly designed to fit correctly the mattresses in the majority of campers and motorhomes. They are fashioned in a wide variety of sizes as well as in different types of materials.

The mattresses in most manufactured RVs are usually shorter and narrower than the common beds in sticks-and-bricks homes. Most RV bed has different size as well.

Mattress Size for RVs

The first and foremost thing to think about when shopping for RV sheets is the size of your mattress. Apparently, you will need different size sheets for the bunk beds than your RV king or short queen in the bedroom.

These are the mostly used mattress sizes in RVs. To ensure you get the best fit, it’s suggested to measure your RV bed before buying for specific dimensions.

  • RV Twin Size Beds: Usually found in 2 dimensions: 28x75 inches or 28 x 80 inches.
  • RV Full or Double – These are one of the most common mattress sizes in RVs. RV double and full beds measure around 53x75 inches. This is particularly 1 inch smaller in width than usual full-size mattress.
  • Three-Quarter: Many small campers use a Three-Quarter size mattresses. These are usually measure about 48x75 inches.
  • Short queen Mattress: These are shorter, and frequent in RVs, than a regular size queen mattress. They commonly measure about 60x75 inches.
  • Queen: However not as common, some RVs come with a queen size mattress. The RV Queen size is larger and comes in 60x80 inches.
  • RV King: Many High Standard motorhomes and larger 5th wheel have the lavishness of a spacious RV king bed. The size of RV king beds are usually about 72x75 inches or 72x80 inches.
  • Bunk Beds: Those who traveling with kids or guests may need supplementary sheets for the RV Bunk beds. These come in many special sizes depending on your RV. Some of the most common RV bunk bed size includes 28x75 inches, 30x75 inches, 34x75 inch, and 35x79 inches.

Material to Be Considered as Best in RV Bedding?

 You not only want bed sheets that fit your RV mattress, but they should also be comfy, breathable, and trouble-free to clean. Those who have sensitive skin or having some skin issue may also look to a shop those are providing hypoallergenic and antimicrobial RV bed sheets.

Following are some of the Top Bed Sheet Materials:

  • Cotton- It is an affordable option that is comfortable and long lasting for year-round.
  • Egyptian cotton - Mostly preferable now days for long term use because they are softest, comfy, and long-lasting.
  • Microfiber - It is soft, breathable, and wrinkle-free.
  • Bamboo - It is an excellent option during the warm months thanks to its thermoregulating properties. This material is soft, breathable, and silky.
  • Polar fleece – It is warm, soft and comfortable almost for year. It’s also softer and breathable than flannel sheets.
  • Flannel – These sheets are one of the finest options for winter camping.

The ideal bed sheets for hot climates are Egyptian cotton because they breathe much better than cotton. Egyptian cotton helps you keep fresh and cool because it will not hold in wetness or humidity.

Why Weight of RV Sheet Matters?

If you like the experience of the RV sheets, you can also check their weight. Hold a piece of the sheet and see if it feels heavy or light. Sheets that are light in weight will usually easily wrap around the body and the heavy ones will not drape your body, but slightly cover it with space around the sides. Your preferences will order which type of bed sheet you want to buy.

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