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Navy Blue Waterproof Pillow Protector

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With Over Two Decades, We are selling comfort for life, not just fabrics. ComfortBeddings offers the best Terry Navy Blue Pillow Protector to protect and prolong the life of your mattresses. This Navy Blue Pillow Protector prevents the accumulation of dust mites and bacteria on the pillow.

  • Keep Your Lovely Pillow Clean, Dry, And Sanitary.
  • Physical Barrier Against The Moisture Entering The Pillow.
  • Super Absorbent, Waterproof Barrier To Repel Liquid, Protect Pillow.

Comfortbedding’s Terry Navy Blue Pillow Protector gives you a soft hand. It gives protection against dust mites, bed bugs, bacteria, and other allergies. Our absorbent Terry Navy Blue Pillow Protector keeps the surface of your bed clean and comfortable. It extends the life of your mattress against spills, stains, fluids, and all types of liquids.

The Terry Navy Blue Pillow Protector is a snug fit and comes customized zipper option. The fabric of the protector is breathable. Enclosing and removing the protector is simple and easy as it covers your pillow. The protectors are quality tested and approved, easy to wash, and stain-resistant.

Size Terry Pillow Protector
Standard 20x26 Inch
Queen 20x30 Inch
King 20x36 Inch
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Our Terry Navy Blue Pillow Protector is waterproof and prevents spills, odor-causing bacteria, stains perspiration, and leaks from getting through to your Pillow.


Extend the life of your pillow with our Terry Navy Blue Pillow Protector which is soft, breathable, durable, and overfilled for added comfort and luxury as well.


Our Pillow Protector is easy to remove and wash and ensures that they remain hygienic, clean, sanitized, and odorless. 


Name the size variant and we will have it from Queen, King, and Standard sizes we are also able to make any customized size pillow protector.


Our Pillow Protector provides a guard against sick nights, spills, accidents, fluids, or drooling. They are best even for your toddler’s bed until he graduates his high school.


Our terry pillow protector provides a guard against sick nights, spills, accidents, fluids, or drooling. They are best even for your toddler’s bed until he graduates his high school.


Our Navy Blue Pillow Protector is hypoallergenic and designed with deep pockets to fit the thicker mattresses of today.


Our Pillow Protector comes with a liquid-proof barrier, thus they are soft, comfortable, and offer guaranteed peaceful sleep time with peace of mind.

Navy Blue Pillow Protector

  • Best day & night sleep can only be gained by lying on a soft and luxurious Waterproof Navy Blue Pillow Protector to make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated for the next hectic day. So, why not shop for your pillow from Comfort beddings to explore every possible color and size.
  • Every customer is different and the size of their Navy Blue Pillow Protector is too. Many a time, you will not get the Waterproof Pillow Protector fitting perfectly right to your pillow size. For this problem, we have a solution. At Comfort beddings, you will get a variety of sizes to choose from like:-
  •  These Ultra-Soft Navy Blue Pillow Protector is available in (20 x 26), (20 x 30), and (20 x 36) Sizes. 
  • Our Durable Navy Blue Pillow Protector is Easy to care for and Machine Washable.
  • Excellent Moisture, Sweat, and Liquid Absorbent Pillow Protector with selective deep pocket.

Best Waterproof Terry Cotton Fabric:-

  • Our 100% Waterproof Pillow Protector is made with Terry Fabric Thus, to make you sleep comfortably on a buttery smooth Pillow.

Most Radiant Navy Blue Color:-

  • From vibrant tints to lighter shades, we have every color of your choice. From normal pillows to glamorous colorful pillows, select this navy blue colors match up with your décor for any room. Nevertheless, options do not end up in colors.

Most Suitable Zipper Closure-

  • These Ultra-soft, More absorbent, Navy Blue Pillow Protector has a zipper barrier that safely protects your pillow from bed bugs, dust mites, and other Bactria.

Affordable Navy Blue Pillow Protector Delivered Directly At Your Doorsteps:-

  • Comfortable along with luxurious and cozy navy blue pillow protectors are the first thing you want to have in your bedroom. We at Comfort beddings are committed to helping you achieve your goal.
  • We deliver the best liquid absorber navy blue pillow protector that meets the needs of all ages, all genders, and all occasions at an affordable cost and delivered on time.