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White Bedding in a Bag

Add matching texture to your bedroom decor by placing these items of White Bed in a Bag on your bed. Comfort Beddings 8-Piece White Bed in a Bag set includes 1 Flat sheet, 1 Fitted sheet, 1 Duvet cover, 1-Bed Skirt, and 4 Pillowcases. Our solid white bed-in-a-bag is easy to maintain and wash. Additionally, it is anti-wrinkle, anti-stain, and anti-dust.

  • Natural Soft With Sateen Weave
  • Fine & Durable Fabric With 1000 Thread Count
  • Cool Summers & Warm Winters Because of the Thermal Regulating Properties

If you also want to make your bed picture-perfect, this bed-in-a-bag set is a must-have on your buy list. If the white color is not in your preference, you can also browse through our wide range of color options for your favorite White Bed in a Bag set. So, get ready to refresh and rejuvenate the place where you relax with our Bedding-in-a-Bag available in varied sizes like a king, Queen, Twin, California king, full, etc.

Sheet Set

Size Flat Sheet Fitted Sheet Pillow Case
Twin 66X96 Inch 39X75 Inch 20X30 Inch
Twin-XL 70X105 Inch 39X80 Inch 20X30 Inch
Full 81X96 Inch 54X75 Inch 20X30 Inch
Full-XL 85X102 Inch 54X80 Inch 20X30 Inch
Queen 90X102 Inch 60X80 Inch 20X30 Inch
Olympic Queen 96x102 Inch 66x80" Inch 20X30 Inch
King 102X108 Inch 78X80 Inch 20X40 Inch
California King 102X108 Inch 72X84 Inch 20X40 Inch
Three Quarter 76x98 Inch 48x75" inch 20X30 Inch

Duvet Cover

Duvet Set Size Duvet Cover Pillow Case
Twin 68X88 Inch 20X30 Inch
Full/Queen 88X90 Inch 20X30 Inch
King/Calking 92X104 Inch 20X40 Inch

Bed Skirt

Size Bed Skirt
Twin Size 39x75 Inch
Twin XL Size 39x80 Inch
Full Size 54x75 Inch
Queen Size 60x80 Inch
King Size 78x80 Inch
California King Size 72x84 Inch
We guarantee the best products and the best smile when you receive our products as we offer free shipping and delivery. Still, if you feel unhappy with your purchase from us, don’t be sad. We offer 14 days of free replacement.
These two things came with our product for free; reliability, and credibility. Our dedication and commitment are hard to beat. We go the extra mile to make our customers feel that the product pairs up perfectly fine and gives a feeling that they are directly sent from heaven.


Our White bed-in-a-bag set is buttery soft and gets even more, softer over time. You will get a perfect blend of softness, strength, durability, and luxury.


The items in our bedding-in-a-bag give you a smooth touch with better breathability, allowing air to pass on, keeping the body oxygenated, and naturally wicking away the moisture.


Our White bed in a bag set is crafted on the concept of beauty that lies in simplicity along with durability. Thus, the set is modern yet classic and finished with close attention to detail.


All the products of our bedding-in-a-bag are made from 100% Egyptian cotton, giving strength to every thoughtful attention like no piling, low shrinkage, crispness, and coolness.

Feel To Perfection

We all love “extra” things coming into our lives, whether extra money or extra-large sheets, or pillow-top mattresses. Therefore our bedding products are engineered with deep pockets and fit corners to ensure your bedding looks good, feels good, and stays good.

Feel To Perfection

We all love “extra” things coming into our lives, whether extra money or extra-large sheets, or pillow-top mattresses. Therefore our bedding products are engineered with deep pockets and fit corners to ensure your bedding looks good, feels good, and stays good.


Our bedding-in-a-bag set is made with a comfortable sateen weave and is recommended for strength, crispness, durability, smoothness, and lustrous looks.

Threads Of Perfection

Our 1000 thread counts are for those who believe in quality and luxury. The higher thread count per square inch ensures our products' maximum strength and softness. Sleeping on it is a perfect treat you give to yourself. We use only the finest quality single-ply Yarns to make the Fabric.

White Bedding in a Bag

Are you looking for an effortless way to enhance the bedroom? The bedding set that includes everything you need to dress your bed in style. White Bedding in a Bag sets offer ways to mix and match your bedding to keep things looking fresh in your bedroom.

  • You can find 8 piece White bed in a bag queen set with extra-soft fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillowcases, duvet cover, bed skirt and decorative shams that creates a glance you will love.

Soft Luxury Fabric:- 

  • Best night sleep can only be gained by lying on soft and luxurious white bedding in a bag to make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated for the next hectic day. So, let’s begin the shopping of your bedding products from Comfort Beddings to explore every possible color and size. 
  • Feel the luxury with white bed in a bag sets matches to the all bedroom décor. Discover White bedding in a bag set with coordinating colors and patterns that instantly refresh a room décor. You will find selections that range from colors to modern prints.
  • White bedding in a bag sets make pulling together a stunning bedroom easy and quick. The person who wants a way to personalize his or her special space can advantage from these all-in-one sets. In addition, bedding sets are a great time and money saver for people who want a rapid and synchronized look for the bedroom.

Sheets That Fits to Your Mattress Exactly Right:-

  • Every customer is different and the size of their bedding too. Many a time, you will not get the sheets fitting perfectly right to your bed size. For this problem, we have a solution. At Comfort Beddings, you will get a variety of sizes to choose from like full-size bedsheets, king-size bed sheets, twin size bed sheets, queen size bed sheets, etc. 
  • Additionally, you have the facility to opt for single bed sheets, as well as bedding set including 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, 1 duvet cover, 1- bed skirt, and 4 pillow cases. 
  • There are number of different sizes in white bed in a bag like bed in a bag queen, king, full and so on to meet the needs of almost everyone. Find them in two amazing patterns solid and stripe that two different looks for the bedroom.

Best Thread Count Matters:-

  • Thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch of the sheets. Thread count matters or not, this statement is debatable. But let us tell you, higher the thread count, softer will be the sheets. Thus, to make you sleep comfortably on buttery smooth sheets, our white bedding in a bag are crafted with 1000 and 600 thread count. 
  • our white bed in a bag Made of the most precise sateen weave, this premium set creates new standards in softness, breath-ability, and durability.  With white bed in a bag get ready for ultimate comfort in any climate and enjoy the same comfort for years. 

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