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July 28, 2020 5 min read

Know the Month Colors for your bed

Everyone wants their bedroom to look really beautiful and aesthetic. When we talk about the appearance of the bedrooms, bedsheets play an important role. It is not only about the fabric, texture, and patterns of the sheets that make things look appealing.

Month colors are an important part of enhancing the overall appearance of the bedroom. When you take a sneak peek at the fashion world or any other sectors where colors are involved, the trend keeps changing every season. The same concept is carried over to the sheets too. There is a lot of debate that revolves around the colour of the month and sheets too. Also, according to psychology, colors have a huge impact on the psyche of the people.

Through this article, let us quickly get to know all the details on month colors that required for you to choose a sheet for your bedroom. According to NSF, there is a formula for month colors that you need to choose while buying the bedsheets for your place.

Brighter shade sheets

When you have brighter shades of sheets spread on the mattress, the mood of an individual would be lifted up. Bright colors like shades of red, orange, green, and yellow are known to make you feel good, and you would start feeling energetic. Brighter shades of sheets are suitable for winter months, and you can call them November colors too.

Sober shade sheets

Sober colors or the pastel colors of sheets make you feel cosy and warm. Pastel colors make you feel totally relaxed, and you would feel comfortable at night when you lie on the mattresses. The pastel colors are known to calm and soothe the mind. Bedrooms that have pastel colour sheets in them will be one of the most joyous places to relax. Pastel colors like Pink, Mauve, Light Blue, Aqua, and Lavender make you feel good and happy.

Dark shade sheets

Darker shades of sheets are good during winters. They make you feel warm due to the opacity of the colors. Generally darker colors of sheets can make you feel a little lazy but, they are good in their own ways. Having black or brown coloured sheets spread on the mattress may not look that appealing, but, they don't get dirty too fast. Although they get dirty, it becomes difficult to spot the dirt due to the dark shades. For instance, you can use the dark coloured sheets in the rainy months, and they are also called as July colors.

Let us quickly check the advantages of spreading the different colors of sheets Bright colour sheets

  • Brighter shade sheets would uplift the mood
  • If the colour of the walls is lighter, then these sheets would be the best
  • If you have love towards brighter hues then, you can invest in these sheets
  • Brighter sheets will enhance the overall appearance of the room instantly
  • Bright coloured sheets can be used with sober coloured sheets to create a perfect setting.
  • Summers and spring are the best seasons to spread the brighter coloured sheets

Pastel colour sheets

  • Pastel colour sheets like pink, mauve, lavender is best suitable for the walls that are painted white.
  • Pastel colors blend really well with the colour of the wall and enhance the overall appearance of the room.
  • Pastel colors get dirty quickly; hence, a lot of people refrain from using these sheets. Small floral prints on pastel colour sheets make the bedroom look all the more attractive.
  • Pastel colour sheets are best suitable for summer, winter, and fall season. They blend really well with the season and especially if there are trees around your home, it increases the beauty of the bedroom all the more
  • Paste colour sheets make you feel comfortable at night; they are cooler when compared to the sheets that are made using darker sheets.
  • The pleasant colors would have a soothing effect on your mind, and soul; thus, the body would get ample amount of rest.

Dark colour sheets

  • These are lesser preferred colors unless an individual does not have time to clean the sheets regularly.
  • However, the darker shade sheets can provide a lot of warmth during harsh winters.
  • Using them during monsoon can be a great choice. The chances of the sheets getting dirty would be less
  • To use the darker shade sheets, the wall colour must also be slightly darker. Else, the overall appearance of the bedroom would be a total contrast and makes you feel out of place.
  • Darker sheets would be a great choice for the topmost layering of the mattress.

Well, these are some of the things that you must know about different coloured sheets and the month colors along with the ways to use them. You must also remember that the colour of the sheets is also dependant on the fabric that they are dyed on. Buying darker coloured satin sheets and spreading them on the mattress can make the bedroom look really out of place. Satin sheets should always be lighter in colour, and that is going to beautify the place instantly.

Likewise, if you are choosing a cotton sheet, make sure to pick pastel colors or brighter colors. They blend really well into any environment and make you feel great.

Another thing that you must remember about the colour of the sheets is with respect to light. Whenever you are buying the sheets, you must always try to match it with the lighting. Brighter lighting would always look brilliant with pastel colour sheets and brighter sheets. Dimmer lighting would also go well with these sheets. If you are using darker sheets, then, it is always good to have medium lighting.

Apart from this, it is also important to choose the sheets according to the months. Well, some people are pretty finicky when it comes to choosing the colors of the sheets for their bedrooms. They make sure to have a different set of sheets for different months. The months can be segregated depending upon the seasons and pick different hues and colors respectively. This trick can help you to choose a perfect sheet for your bedroom.

We hope that this write-up would come handy to you when you are planning to pick a sheet for yourself. Make sure to verify the sheets with all these things and then, you would be able to get a perfect one for your bedroom.

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