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Adjustable Chocolate Split Bed Sheets

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Fitted Deep Pocket
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With Over Two Decades, We are selling comfort for life not just fabrics,

ComfortBeddings offers the best bed sheets in the market as they have been made from the finest material. We assure 100% premium-quality cotton for your ultimate comfort experience.

  • Natural Soft Sheen With Sateen & Twill Finish Weave
  • Finer & Durable Fabric With 1000 Thread Count
  • Cool Summers & Warm Winters Because of the Thermal Regulating Properties

Enjoy the luxury of Comfortbedding’s Chocolate Split Top King Sheets made for your Split Top King Bed. The sheets are offered in 1000 thread count made from Egyptian cotton assuring luxury and comfort. Our Chocolate Split Top King Sheet Set comes with two fitted sheets, two pillowcases, and one flat sheet. The fitted sheets are fully elastic and come with deep, extra deep and customizable pockets.

Weaved with a sateen weave and made up of 1000 thread count, this sheet set is most durable and breathable. The sheet set is skin-friendly and thus comes with hypoallergenic, anti-stain, anti-dust, anti-resistant qualities.

The Chocolate Split Top King Sheets is available in solid and stripe style and comes in 5 different sizes i.e. twin, king, queen, calking, and full. Except chocolate color, the sheet set is available in various other bright and delightful colors and ensures a complete makeover of your bedroom.

We guarantee the best products and the best smile on your faces when you receive our products as we offer free shipping and free delivery. Still, if you feel unhappy with your purchase from us, don’t be sad. We offer 100 days of free replacement.
These two things came with our product for free; reliability, and credibility. Our dedication and commitment are hard to beat. We go the extra mile to make our customers feel that the product pair up perfectly fine and gives a feeling that they are directly sent from heaven.

Super Soft

Our bedding products are buttery soft and get even more, softer over time. You will get a perfect blend of softness, strength, durability, and luxury.


Our Premium-quality Cotton Sheets gives you a smooth touch with better breathability.Our bedding products allow air to pass on, keep body oxygenated and naturally wick the moisture while you sleep.


Our bedding products are curated on the concept of beauty lies in simplicity along with durability. Thus, they are modern yet classic and finished with close attention to detail. Yes, You can do even a rock Climbing with Comfort Beddings Sheets.


Our bedding products are made from 100% cotton which gives strength to every thoughtful attention like no piling, low shrinkage, crisp and coolness for the quality of sleep you will get.

Weaves For Perfection

Our bedding products are made with comfortable percale and sateen weave. Percale weave is recommended for strength, crispness, and durability, while sateen weave is known for its silky-smooth and lustrous look.

Threads Of Perfection

Our 1000 thread counts are for those who believe in quality and luxury. The higher thread count per square inch ensures maximum strength and softness of our products. Sleeping on it is a perfect treat you give to yourself. We use only finest quality single-ply Yarns to make the Fabric.

Feel To Perfection

We all love “extra” things coming in our life, whether it will be extra money or extra-large sheets, pillow-top mattress. Therefore our bedding products are engineered with deep pockets and fit corners to ensure your bedding look good, feel good and stay good.

Customer Reviews

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Maximum comfort and perfect coverage, this is offered by Comfortbedding’s Split Sheet Set. Get the comfort of your choice to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. So, begin the shopping and find out the products suits best to your need.

Cool & Crisp

The sheets are cool and crisp and thus provides you hotel like luxury at home. Made with supreme quality Egyptian cotton, the sheets are wrinkle resistant.

Varied Size

This Split Sheet Set is available in almost each and every size you require. Twin, queen, full, king, and calking is the sizes available with us. Still, if you require any other size, tell us, and we will customize your order.

5 Pieces In 1 Set

Weaved in Sateen finish, this Split Sheet Set comes in 5 pieces, in which 2 are fitted sheets, 1 is a flat sheet and 2 pillowcases are also there with it.

Optimal Body Temperature Regulation

These sheets provide you with air circulation for optimal body temperature regulation. The sheets keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

1000 Thread Count

The 1000 thread count of this split sheet set makes sheet soft as well as durable. The fabric of the sheet is so good that it wicks away moisture quickly.