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This 3 Piece Light Grey Pinch Pleat Duvet Cover Set Includes - 1 Duvet Cover & 2 Luxury Pillowcases.

ComfortBedding’s cozy and comfortable light grey pinch pleat duvet covers are made with the finest Egyptian cotton for the ultimate comfort experience. The Duvet Covers are durable and last for years.

  • Comfort That Can be Described as Breathable, and Washable.
  • Changeable as Per Your Interior Designing Preferences.
  • Thermal Regulating Properties for Cool Summers and Warm Winters.

Made with the best quality Egyptian cotton, Comfortbedding’s Light Grey Pinch Duvet Cover Set gives you the best sleeping experience. This Light Grey Pinch Pleat Duvet Cover suits any space, any decor, and any interior. These soft duvet cover gives you warmth in winters and coolness in summers and beautifies your sleeping experience with pin-tuck style stitching. Besides light grey, there are various other color options available to us.

Comes with 1 Light Grey Pinch Pleated Duvet Cover, and 2 Pillowcases, this 3-piece set comes in various sizes for your conveniences like twin duvet covers, king-size duvet covers, cal king duvet covers, full duvet covers, etc. This Light Grey Duvet Cover Set is crafted and finished with 1000 thread count and is famous for its breathable, and durability. This Pinch Duvet Cover Set comes with hypoallergenic qualities making it skin-friendly and environmentally friendly. Easy to wash, and easy to maintain are some other characteristics making this item unique.

We meet the high-quality standard to give our customers pleasant days and comfortable nights. Our duvet cover set will protect you from itching, allergies, and other skin irritations. This is the reason our duvet cover set is well-known as a skin-friendly duvet cover.

Duvet Set Size Duvet Cover Pillow Cover
Twin 68X88 Inch 20X30 Inch
Full/Queen 88X90 Inch 20X30 Inch
King/Calking 92X104 Inch 20X40 Inch
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These two things came with our product for free; reliability, and credibility. Our dedication and commitment are hard to beat. We go the extra mile to make our customers feel that the product pair up perfectly fine and gives a feeling that they are directly sent from heaven.


Our Egyptian cotton Light Grey Pinch Pleat Duvet Covers is made from a high thread count of 1000, making them super-soft, cozy, and durable.


Our Duvet Covers are hypoallergenic and do not contain chemical odors making them breathable and comforting.


Our Duvet Covers are available in a wide range of fashionable colors, patterns, and designs adding style by making life easy.


Our Duvet Covers serve every taste, and everyone, by providing you the options that do not deserve a second look.

Feel To Perfection

We all love “extra” things coming into our life, whether it will be extra money or extra comfort in the form of our duvet covers. Our duvet covers are tailored keeping your convenience and luxury in mind. Besides, perfection is added by offering an unparalleled sleeping experience to you.

Feel To Perfection

We all love “extra” things coming into our life, whether it will be extra money or extra comfort in the form of our duvet covers. Our duvet covers are tailored keeping your convenience and luxury in mind. Besides, perfection is added by offering an unparalleled sleeping experience to you.

Weaves For Perfection

Our bedding products are made with comfortable percale and sateen weave. Percale weave is recommended for strength, crispness, and durability, while sateen weave is known for its silky-smooth and lustrous looks.

Threads Of Perfection

This Light Grey Pinch Pleat Duvet Cover has1000 thread counts for those who believe in quality and luxury. The higher thread count per square inch ensures the maximum strength and softness of our products. Sleeping on it is a perfect treat you give to yourself. We use only the finest quality single-ply Yarns to make the Fabric.

Decorative Pinch Pleat Duvet Cover Set

Best Comfortable sleep can only be realized by lying with a delicate and luxurious Decorative Pinch Pleat Duvet Cover Sets to make you feel refreshed and restored for the following hectic stressful workday. So, let’s start the buying of your Pinch Pleat Duvet Covers Sets from Comfort Beddings to make day and night sleep comfortable with every conceivable color and Customize size. 

  • This Pinch Pleat Duvet covers set come in different sizes like:-King/Calking 92X104 Inch with, 20x40 Inch Pillow covers, Full/Queen 88X90 Inch with 20x30 Inch Pillow covers, Twin 68X88 Inch with 20x30 Inch Pillow covers.

Decorative Pinch Duvet Covers That Adjusts to Your Bed Absolutely Accurate

Every customer has various sizes of their Pinch Duvet Cover. Numerous a time, you will not get the Pinch Duvet cover attachment absolutely accurate to your bed size. With this difficulty, we have a solution. At Comfort Beddings, you will get a variety of sizes to choose from like full-size Pinch Duvet cover Sets, king-size Pinch Duvet Cover, Twin-size Pinch Duvet Cover, Queen-size Pinch Duvet Cover, etc. Additionally, you have the convenience to Choose from Any Size Duvet cover as per your bed size

  • Our Pinch Pleat duvet covers come with laces on all four corners that keep the duvet tied on all sides and give you complete comfort while sleeping.
  • Most importantly, our Pinch Pleat duvet cover features a zipper-lock facility that can be easily removed and covered your duvet.
  • This Pinch Duvet Cover Set has Set of Two Pinch Pillow Cover which can be customized according to your Pillow Sizes.

Thread Count Matters

Thread count refers to the amount of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch of the Pinch Duvet cover. Thread count matters or not, this statement is debatable. But let us tell you, yes Thread count always matters, and the higher the thread count, the softer will be the Duvet cover. Thus, to make you sleep comfortably with a buttery smooth Duvet cover, our covers are crafted with a 1000 thread count. 

Color of Your Choice, Pattern You Like

From vibrant tints to lighter shades, we have every color of your choice. From Classic white to glamorous navy blue, select from the rainbow of different colors matching up with your décor. Nevertheless, options do not end up in colors. 

According to your Duvet, Any Customization Size Is Possible

Several additional privileges come to you almost for free when you make any purchase from us. An example of this is, our Pinch Pleated Duvet Cover set comes with an extra Smooth Fabric that can be customized as per the customer’s offer. Our Duvet Covers are made from 100% Cotton, and weaved with perfection, making them the best bedding on the earth.

Affordable Duvet Cover Set Delivered Directly At Your Doorsteps

Comfortable onward with long-lasting, comfy, Delightful Duvet Covers are the first thing you want to have in your bedroom. We at Comfortbeddings are dedicated to helping you accomplish your sleeping goal. We deliver the most luxurious pinch pleated duvet cover set that meets the needs of all ages, all genders, and all moments at the most affordable price and delivered on time.