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Item Quantity: 2 Peach Pinch Pillow Cases

Comfort Beddings offers Peach Pinch Pillowcases in the market for, Many Years, We are selling comfort of life, not just fabrics, as they have been made from the finest quality Egyptian cotton material for your ultimate comfort experience.

  • Natural Soft Cotton Made Pinch Pillow Cases.
  • Fine & Durable Fabric with 600 Thread Count.
  • Cool Summers & Warm Winters Because of the Thermal Regulating Properties.

Exclusive appearance and baby squashy experience simultaneously come with Comfort Beddings Peach Pinch Pillowcases set. We promise you that you will have the best sleeping familiarity on our gorgeous and buttery smooth best pillowcases. These pillowcases finished with 100% Egyptian cotton are planned in solid with stripes model by caring your luxury in mind and comfort. These Peach Pinch Pillowcases will long last in your bedding collection because of their firmness and durability.

The Peach Pinch Pillowcases are trouble-free to keep can be machine washed with cold water, and fall dry low. 600 thread count and Finer sateen weave offer pillowcases a creamy-soft touch. The Peach Pinch Pillowcases are dust-resistant, fade-resistant, and wrinkle-resistant. The pillowcase set includes 2 pillows. You will get queen-size pillowcases and king-size pillowcases. If you want to uniform your bedroom in magnificence and want a more stunning look, then opting for this Peach Pinch Pillowcases set is a clever choice you made for yourself and your home.

Size Pillow Case
                              Queen                        20X30 Inch
                                King                        20X40 Inch
                    Standard Shams                        20X26 Inch
                         Euro Shams                        26X26 Inch
                              Travel                        16X24 Inch
                            German                        31x31 Inch
                   Body Pillow Case                         21X54 Inch
We guarantee the best products and the best smile on your faces when you receive our products as we offer free shipping and free delivery. Still, if you feel unhappy with your purchase from us, don’t be sad. We offer 14 days of free replacement.
These two things came with our product for free; reliability, and credibility. Our dedication and commitment are hard to beat. We go the extra mile to make our customers feel that the product pair up perfectly fine and gives a feeling that they are directly sent from heaven.


Our Peach Pinch Pillowcases offer protection against various kind of allergies, keep out dust mites, prevents the growth of mildew.


Our Pinch Pillowcases are made up of natural material that is breathable and soft. They are available without chemicals.

Easy To Wash

Our Peach Pinch Pillowcases are easy to remove and wash and ensure that they remain hygienic, clean, sanitized, and odorless.

High Performer

Our Peach Pinch Pillowcase has the properties that best suit your sleep type, comfort, temperature, skin type, and budget.


We all love “extra” things coming into our life, whether it will be extra money or the best Egyptian cotton pinch pillowcases for extra comfort. Therefore our Pillow Cases are crafted naturally making them ideal for skin sensitivities.


We all love “extra” things coming into our life, whether it will be extra money or the best Egyptian cotton pillowcases for extra comfort. Therefore our Pinch Pillow Cases are crafted naturally making them ideal for skin sensitivities.


Our Peach Pinch Pillow Cases are made with a comfortable sateen weave for strength, crispness, durability, silky-smooth feel, and lustrous look.


Our 600 Thread counts are for those who believe in quality and luxury. The higher thread count per square inch ensures maximum strength and softness of our products. Sleeping on it is a perfect treat you give to yourself. We use only the finest quality single-ply Yarns to make the Fabric.


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